Campaign Contributions

can be made online

Election campaigns are costly to run. The new Municipal Elections Act limits the amount of money a candidate can contribute to their own campaign.

A contribution to my campaign would be greatly appreciated and could be eligible for the City’s partial rebate program.

Personal contributions can be made by:

    • interac e-transfer
    • personal cheque
    • online by credit card

Markham residents may be entitled to receive a contribution rebate of up to 75% from the City:

    • from $50 to $200 will receive a 75% rebate from the City. A $100 donation would receive a $75 rebate
    • from $201 – $1200 will receive a $150 rebate
    • rebates are best maximized by splitting contributions among spouses and voting age children.

More information about campaign contributions and the rebate program can be found here including:

    • maximum allowable contribution per person is $1200
    • Markham voters and permanent residents living in Markham may be eligible for a rebate
    • contributors must be residents of Ontario
    • up to $5,000 total can be donated to multiple candidates seeking election in Markham
    • corporations or trade unions may NOT contribute to campaigns

Should you have any questions, please send me an email at