Voting is different this election

check out the changes and make sure you are on the voters list

Voting is different this Year

Are you ready?

Are you on the Voters List?

Voters are able to register, update and confirm their information on the Municipal Voters’ List using an online tool until October 22.

Online voting

Vote online anywhere, anytime from a computer or mobile device during Voting Days (October 12-22)

Voting in Person

Vote in person using a paper ballot at any Voter Assistance Centre from October 12-19 (during operating hours)

Election Day voting has changed

Vote in person at any Voter Assistance Centre using an election tablet on October 22 (Final Voting Day)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to vote? Can you vote? Where to vote? Am I on the Voters List?

The City’s website can help to answer your questions about the October Municipal election.

Voting is different this election. Click on Markham Votes to see how voting has changed for this election.

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